Pots, Pits and People began in Bulwell in 2019, with the aim of holding on to people’s memories, and re-telling community stories to inspire a new generation. Thanks to funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund, people in Bulwell have been sharing their interests in discovering more about Bulwell’s history - from Anglo-Saxon times and the medieval period through to the 20th Century, including the Second World War and post-war industries.

Our aim is to develop an ambitious long term project that will develop inspiring resources, activities and events to bring history to life in schools and public places throughout Bulwell, Nottingham.

Rebalancing the Outer Estates Foundation has managed the development phase since Sept 2019, including a series of local consultation projects. 

Bulwell is an English market town about 4.5 miles (7km) north-west of Nottingham city centre, on the northern edge of the city. 


Almost 30,000 people live in the Bulwell area, over 10% of the population of Nottingham.

There are just over 16,000 people living in the Bulwell ward of Nottingham City Council.   

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Our Story

A conversation that began nearly four years ago! The consultation team (Cathy Mahmood, Nicola Curzon and Hilary Wheat) have been exploring how the community can come together to preserve, restore and share the wonderful history and heritage of Bulwell.  We've loved hearing people's memories and delving into Bulwell's past and aim to develop participatory projects for the community and fantastic educational resources for schools. 


Community Engagement

Community engagement is at the heart of this project, to connect people to the history of their place, space and identity.  We know local residents will be inspired by each other's stories and the history of Bulwell.  


Our research since Sept 2019 with local groups, individuals and school's has led to lots of new ideas to shape a 3 year Heritage Fund bid; which will be submitted as soon as funding rounds re-open following Covid-19. 

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What's Next

Thank you to everyone that has stopped to talk to us, completed a questionnaire, attended a community meeting and shared their thoughts on Bulwell's history. 

We are looking forward to getting together again to share our common interests and passion for Bulwell's history as soon as we're able...

See an overview of ideas that provide a shape to our next steps.  

An ODE To Bulwell - 3 min film


Devised by Jayne Williams, Participation Director at New Perspectives Theatre Company, through a series of workshops and interviews.  Words were weaved together to create a collective poem to provide the voice-over narrative for a visual walk-through of Bulwell, depicting the people and the places. The final 3 minute film can be watched below, beautifully executed by Ian Dearman and narrated by Nicola Curzon.

With many thanks to all that participated in the making of this video, and all those that have been a part of this story so far, your words and enthusiasm will help catapult us into the next chapter of this project. 
We're thrilled it has had 7.1k views on our facebook page so far! 



























JAYNE WILLIAMS Participation Director - New Perspectives says;


"If somebody told me a year ago that I would be working with communities without physically being there, and we'd still manage to create authentic, genuine connections, I would have questioned the possibility. But, working with Nicola Curzon on the Pots, Pits and People project has made me realise that, as long as you have a member of that community who is hugely respected by their neighbours and has a legacy of creating an artistic platform that amplifies local voices, then its definitely possible and may even be a nourishing and incredibly moving experience for everyone. 


I didn't think it possible to make a genuine connection without being in Bulwell myself and meeting people, being together, sharing their space but the outcome, the film, has a moving impact emotionally which suggests there was that connection even through phones and screens. This makes me very excited for the future, especially in terms of what we might be able to achieve with more financial support and when it is finally safe to meet."

SALLY ANNE TYE - Executive Director - New Perspectives says;


"With a 47 year track record, at New Perspectives we place the audience at the heart of work. From touring theatre into rural communities, theatres, arts centres and festivals, programming work alongside volunteer promoters and co-creating work in partnership in the heart of communities our focus is to enable equal access to the arts wherever you might be.

Located in Basford and adjacent to Bulwell, as a touring company our work travels, taking creative experiences to doorsteps across the length and breadth of the UK and further afield. To work in partnership by developing a longer term creative project on our own doorstep would for the first time root our work within the community we are situated in and at the same time showcase our practices on our doorstep."

Be Part of our Story

We are very keen to stay connected.


Do you have stories about Bulwell?  Would you like to find out more about the history and heritage of your community? Do you have memories that you'd like to share and preserve for future generations? If so, we would be delighted for you to share your stories by filling out the contact us form below.


If there is anything else you would like to share with us, then please do email us at hello@potspitsandpeople.co.uk

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Thank you to the National Lottery Heritage Fund and National Lottery Players for making this project possible.