The PPP team held a series of market stall events and focus groups from Nov 2019 - Jan 2020 with three key questions...

1. What do you know now about Bulwell's history?

2. What do you want to know?

3. How can we help deliver it?  


Focus groups were held with local primary school teachers, sixth form students, community group leaders and the general public. 


We had 166 completed questionnaires, with the overwhelming majority (93%) keen to learn more about local history and heritage.   


112 questionnaire respondents asked to be informed about project progress.  

Download our Evaluation Report (Dec 2020), including a summary of activity goals and achievements. 

The key themes that have emerged are:

Year 1:
Wartime Bulwell
Bulwell Hall and Park 


Year 2: 
Bulwell People 
Industry (Stone, Pots, Pits)


Year 3:

Anglo-Saxon and medieval 


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