Bulwell Scrapbook Stories


For six weeks in January and February 2019, residents of Mariner Court and Duchess Gardens worked with Artist Hannah Sawtell and Poet Leanne Moden to share their stories.  Below you will see a range of activities including drawing, calligraphy, paper-cut making, design, and creative writing, using memories on themes of home, work, place, fashion and entertainment in order to create some wonderful artworks, poetry and prose.

This work produced is a fascinating glimpse into the social history of Bulwell, as well as a timely reminder that all stories are valid and meaningful. The Bulwell Scrapbook Stories project was a joint project by Nottingham City Homes, Creative Nottingham North, Rebalancing the Outer Estates Foundations and the Bulwell Arts Festival.

Cathy Mahmood, Nicola Curzon and Goran Selby organised the project but the biggest thank you's go to Artist Hannah Sawtell and Poet Leanne Moden for pulling all these wonderful pieces together and of course to the residents of Duchess Gardens and Mariner Court for sharing their stories, memories and creativity.

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Persistence of Memory


Tell me your story

Let words catch in our hair

Like cigarette smoke

Machinery music on factory floors

Past leaking into now


Pretend I haven't heard this one

Because I haven't this one


Tell me your story

Conjure memories from coat pockets

Taste them on your tongue

Like bread and butter pudding

Like kindness

We didn't have much back then

But we had each other

Tell me your story

Dress it up in glad rags

And take it out dancing again

Pay in old money and keep it safe

Like an heirloom

Like it is the most important secret

You have ever told

Tell me your story

Let the words spring from your throat

Like a song sung across decades

Hopscotch chalked on pavements

Like wisdom

You have so much to shar

And we all are listening now

Tell us your story

Let us learn your history

It may not feel like much

But it is part of this place

You are part of this place

You are everything you've ever known 

And that is beautiful

Leanne Moden

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A Recipe for a Good Home


Take a cupful of love

And mix in patience and hospitality.

Add in a gallon of warmth

And stir in some understanding

Fold in 125g of sharing

And stir in a big spoonful of trust.

And a big, big spoonful of give and take.

Mix in plenty of friendship and make sure your husband does his bit!

Put some oil into a heart-shaped tin

Pour in the mixture

And bake for the rest of your life.

Duchess Gardens Group Bulwell

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Lies about Bulwell


There are 4500 Tigers

There 200 Fairies

Cliff Richard lives there

Dinosaurs were found there

Peter Rabbits

Thomas the tank engine trains

Every house is painted yellow

Kittie Kat chocolate was made in Bulwell.

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My Favourite Outfit

Getting Ready to go Out

Put on pants [briefs]

Get cossolette on with suspenders

Put stockings on

Get underskirt on-flared

Put on favourite dress

With your make-up on

Put on high heels

Wear your clip-on earrings- sparkly

Make sure your appearance is nice

Put you coat on

Get your hand bag

And off you go.

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My Favourite Room

My bedroom in the meadows was my favourite, It was so nice , It was a special bedwroom. The walls were cream fro the window. I could see a pub across the road and I could see all the cars coming and going in the car parl. It felt nice and comfortable in my bedroom. Dorothy.

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My Favourite Room

Thank you to all involved at Duchess gardens and Mariner Court:

Hillarie Dobbine, Barbara Bentonite, Sadie Bennett, Carole Exard, James Johnstone, Christine Anne Millar, Pam Hicklines, Gillian Simon, Mary Appleby and Kath Viggers.

Dorothy Richardson, Doreen Campbell, Tony Radford and Evelyn Radford.